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A Listing of Current Redfin Open Book Reviews

An Excerpt of Testimonials:


"....Paul did a fantastic job and was well worth the price.  Here are the highlights: (1) he was timely (actually early) and was walking around taking pictures when I showed up; (2) he noticed obvious things such as cracks in the steps and disjointed tile, but also noticed a slight grading in the yard which has become more apparent during the rain; (3) he noticed things that he is not required to pay attention to, such as burrows that were from termites (the termite inspector was coming anyway, and the termite guy said pretty much what Paul said); (4) very thorough review of the electrical systems and he walked me through how to maintain my old furnace; and (5) he was pleasant.  I did not feel rushed or that he was just punching a clock, but I felt like he was truly inspecting and informing me of the overall condition of my home.  I would definitely use him again..."

 Jan. 12, 2014; Angie's List


"Paul Wehrli was extremely thorough and discovered many items that needed to be repaired/replaced in order to move in. His report allowed us a very good negotiating position on the amount of credit for repairs prior to purchase. I felt confident he made a thorough investigation of the house and that he knew what he was doing. I highly recommend him for anyone performing a home inspection."

Dec. 5, 2013; Angie's List


"Our inspector Paul arrived 15 minutes early and was already on the roof when we showed up. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and answered all of our questions. He immediately knew we were first time home buyers and explained what he was doing every step of the way."

Oct. 23, 2013; Angie's List


Paul Wehrli's Recent Reviews on Redfin:


Jan., 2013; Redfin client 

Oct., 2012; Redfin client

"....Paul Wehrli did a very detailed inspection of our future 2400sq ft single house. 
1. Explained all the risks and issues. 
2. Pointed out a very expensive problem with a falling long retaining wall on the plat, that he didn't even have to inspect as it is not connected to the house. 
3. Was onsite early and already doing the roof inspection.
4. Great personality and willingness to help us where we needed.
When you're making your biggest purchase, you need someone who cares on your side. ...Now i have confidence I'm buying a good house."

Nov. 6, 2012; Angie's List

" ....he (Paul) was looking out for me and not the realtor. The attention to detail that he was giving and most important how he was educating me about what to look for and how to differentiate. ....I felt very comfortable speaking to him, had no problem trusting him and I thank him for being the only person in the whole process that looked out for my interest and not the actual sale of the property. Anyone needing an inspection should have very strong reasons for not choosing Paul; other than that Paul is my inspector for life."

 Oct. 25, 2012; Angie's List

"...I'm really glad we did a second inspection because Paul found several big issues that needed to be fixed, including a broken truss in the roof.  If you're building a new home and are unsure about a home inspection I highly recommend doing two inspections, especially if you're like me and don't know anything about construction. .....Paul was very thorough and takes pictures of everything that might be wrong.  Because my builder wouldn't allow me on the property for insurance reasons, the pictures were very helpful.  Paul even talked with me on the phone later to explain the problems he found.  The inspection report that you get includes Paul's detailed comments on what is wrong, and what the remedy should be."

Oct. 3, 2012; Angie's List 

"....Paul, my inspector, was fantastic! He educated me as he went through the property, paid close attention to details and his report made sense. I can definitely use the home inspection report as a valuable resource. I especially liked all the pictures with arrows, circled problems to be fixed,  different color writing for recommended repairs and suggestions. That will help me as I grow into my first home and give me the check list of things that need to be done.This company was an excellent first step in making me aware of all the upkeep and maintenance of my first home. Paul was very thorough and took over 3 hours to complete the inpection.  The pictures show every part of the house, including the roof and chimney. Exterior and interior photos were included. All problems and suggested  fixes were pointed out. He also pointed out things that didn't need to be fixed right away, but may need to be looked at in a couple of years.  All of this was in the report and very helpful. The report was 22 pages full of excellent and clear information.  Thank you for a job well done. I would use them again and again and recommend them highly. ..."

April 4, 2012; Angie's List 

"...Paul Wehrli is an excellent home inspector. He came ahead of his schedule time for home inspection.He listened to our concern about the home that we intend to buy. He spent considerable time walkingus through our concerns and made us feel good and more informed about our concerns. He was verythorough and methodical in his approach and explaining us at each area of inspection. He never lost his smileor patience throughout the process. He never looked at his watch(time) to rush up the inspection. We feltvery good  and satisfied about how his inspection went through. His report is an excellent home inspectionreport that I have ever seen. it is very detailed, immaculate. The report came on time and his response to our phone calls was quick. ..."    

March 4, 2012; Angie's List

"This guy is amazing. You can't find more professional. Three hour long intense inspection while explaining every detail of what he was looking at. And that was for a completely renovated home. Inspection report includes pictures with arrows pointing, not just a narrative. Best experience of the home buying process."  DC Urban Moms and Dads  

May 17, 2012; DC Urban Moms and Dads List Serv

 "Mr. Wehrli has been truly phenomenal. He goes above and beyond what is required, is kind and courteous and answered my numerous million questions patiently. He made a very complex process easy to understand and we actually enjoyed the home inspection and learned a ton from it."

Deepa L., Potomac, MD


"Paul – It was a pleasure meeting you!  Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with our inspection. All the best."

Cerece M., Columbia, MD


“Paul – Thank you for your patience and promptness in helping us to complete the home inspection.  You are a valued part of this transaction.”

Realtor, Rockville, MD


“Mr. Wehrli – Just a quick note to express my gratitude for your efforts on my behalf leading up to the purchase of (my) house….”

New Home Owner, Rockville, MD